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Welcome to the HATS Haiti Mission Team 2010 Blog.

This site has been created to share information about a missions project being undertaken in Deschappelles, Haiti in January 2010. Our team from Canada will be travelling to Haiti to work on a project with HATS-Haiti from January 5 - 19. A second team from Texas will be following up on the project in February to complete it.

We'll be posting information over the coming weeks as we prepare to leave for the trip. While in Haiti during January, watch for daily updates on what we're seeing, doing, and experiencing.

Mission Project
The primary project we'll be undertaking is the construction of a new residence apartment for additional staff at the HATS Haiti mission. We'll be building a second storey above the orphanage dormitory. This will be set up as an apartment for a missions couple whom we hope will be called to serve with the mission soon.

As well, we'll be working with the children at the orphanage and community school that are parts of HATS (especially the younger members of our team).

Our team comes primarily from the Yarmouth, Nova Scotia area. It is comprised of people from a variety of churches and backgrounds. There are fourteen in the group overall, including a family of five. Some of the group have been to Haiti before, while for others this will be their first visit.

Most of the group will be working on construction of the new staff apartment. Others will help with general maintenance around the compound as well as administrative work. The children who are going will spend time helping with the orphanage, visiting the school, and generally learning about and experiencing Haiti.

Hands Across the Sea is a ministry run by Karen Huxter in Deschappelles, Haiti and supported by an association and board of directors from Canada. Various churches and individuals across Canada and the US help to support the work done by HATS.

The work of HATS focuses around ministry to the needs of children in particular. HATS operates a small orphanage, as well as a respected local primary school which offers sponsored seats to the poor of the community and a food program for the students. Additionally, HATS provides community development and relief support to the broader community.

For more information about HATS, please visit, and

Requests and Support
We would appreciate everyone's prayers both as we prepare for our trip and especially during the time we are there - for safety and health in particular, but also for wisdom, peace and fellowship among the team and those we'll be working with, and for the success of the project.

For those who are so inclined, we are striving to raise funds for the cost of the construction project before we go. The estimated construction cost is $25,000 USD. We are able to provide charitable donation tax receipts for those who would like to give. Donations may be made (up until December 31, 2009) to:
Hands Across The Sea
P.O Box 101
Yarmouth, NS B5A 4B1
cheques payable to
Yarmouth Wesleyan Church designated for HATS-Haiti


  1. Thank you for what you're doing. :) God Bless.

  2. Greetings from snowy Yarmouth, N.S. For all of you Mariners fans, we beat Halifax tonight 6-5 in overtime!!! Go Mariners!!! Now on to the business at hand. Looks like you are all getting settled in and climatized. Brian B. and Robert C. would you guys give Colton a big hug for me. And then Colton I am sure you can reciprocate!! You are all doing a wonderful job. God is truly blessing your service and I am sure Karen, her staff and the children are blessed by the love you have for them. I am truly wishing I were there with you....Lord willing, someday I will be... Well, off to catch some zzzzzzz's. Keeping you all in our prayers. God Bless!!! Cindy Power

  3. Gerry,

    We have been praying for you. Ted is here with me at Convocation in Florida and he told me you were there.

    I have been unable to reach Benite or anyone else by phone. I sent Benite an email but he has not replied. I see on the news that part of the University has collapsed. I pray he was not there.

    Joel and Doris were on there way here from Miami but turned back. They cannot reach anyone either.

    Looppen Sejour who lives in Kansas was able to reach two of his friends in Carrefour. One was OK and the other was physically OK but his house collapsed.

    The palace and cathedral in PAP have collapsed but I imagine you are getting internet news and pictures.

    I heard from Marlaine Alix who has an orphanage in Jacmel. She is in Ft. Lauderdale and said there is significant damage in Jacmel but she has not been able to reach her orphanage yet.

    I will check your blog. If you can get phone service, Benite's number is 3-794-2113.


  4. Just got word from Lamintin. The hospital and guest house have damage but are standing. The girl's orphanage is OK.

  5. In an effort to clear your 'Charitable Donation' through the system, I contacted Greg Kerr MP via email. Hope to hear a positive result soon. LS


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