Friday, January 8, 2010

Beach Day

Today was a bit of an early-in-the-trip break for the team.  We were getting ready to frame in and pour some of the vertical support posts / pillars and weren't particularly needed.  Usually the team takes a day and goes to a local beach resort for a day to swim, relax, and enjoy a restaurant meal about the mid-point of the trip, but we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and do so today while there was a lull in the work.  We had a nice day for it and an enjoyable time; everyone is feeling relaxed and refreshed for the upcoming work now.

As always, having a chance to drive anywhere in Haiti and see some of the homes, streets, and general scenes of life is an eye-opening experience.  Today was no exception.  A lot of the guys noted a guy on the roof of the gas station we filled up at armed with a gun - apparently they have a strong policy about paying for the gas you get...  We had a tire leaking air and had to stop at one of the roadside garages or stands - it was basically a pile of tires with a small hut behind, and a number of Haitians standing around.  It was a little intimidating, especially for those of the men sitting in the back of the trucks and attracting a LOT of looks.  The trip was pretty smooth overall (though dusty, and it put what we complain about as potholes back home in a whole new kind of context!).  Brian Bowers is certain that Gerry managed to hit every single pothole while he had his turn in the back during the drive home though!

Here are a couple of photos from our drive, showing our miniature convoy during a short break on the way, and passing through the streets of St Marc on the way home:

The water and the chance to relax together and get to know one another better were wonderful.  Just about everyone enjoyed a swim (the kids spent a lot of time swimming and snorkelling with Tim) and some time in the sun.  Here`s Leonard relaxing during lunch and then chatting with Bob, Colton, and Brian Deux (Brian Bowers - Brian Un being Brian Roberts):

Aidan did a school project on coral reefs this year and loved getting to see some for real.  We have some old-fashioned film pictures from a waterproof camera we`ll get developed when we get back, but no digitals unfortunately.  He liked a big brain coral he saw that was as big as Erin, as well as some pretty blue and purple fan corals.  Erin and Grampie had a bit of a treasure hunt along the water line for shells, rocks, and a pretty red (but dead) fish.  :)

The local Haitian crew made a lot of progress under Luckner`s direction while we were gone today!  The back walls are nearly at full height, and probably half of the posts have been framed up and poured.  We`re hoping to finish the walls and remaining posts tomorrow (Saturday) then when we resume work on Monday we`ll work on getting the headers (horizontal beams at the top of the wall that help support the roof) done.  Then it`ll be time to do the framing and rebar for the big roof pour at the end.  We`re also planning to work on several other projects while we`re here - some walls for the generator building to cut down the noise, fixing the clothesline, building a new table for the dormitory, and maybe a new laundry washing area for the dorm.  Here are a couple shots of the progress today:

Mercenaries or Missionaries - You Decide!

And here are two out of three of Karen`s Chia Pets:

Finally, here are a few other quick pictures we wanted to include:

Dominoes is one of our main night-time activities:

Peter hard at work:

Our main sleeping area:

Germaine, one of the mission support staff, with Dieunel:

Gerry and Vladimy during morning devotions:

Karen and Dieunel during devotions:


  1. Glad you had a good day at the Beach. I enjoy the pictures and captions. Stay safe, Dickie

  2. Love you, Dad. Have a good time- Be safe! Amelia

  3. Hi,Good to see all the pictures you send,keep them coming.Looks like you guys had a good day at the beach.We had a little more snow here last night,while you were deciding which pair of shorts to wear for today.Anyway be safe and careful as you continue your work for today.Blessings to everyone.Love Heather

  4. Hi Tim, Heidi, Kate, Aidan and Erin,
    Bryan and I have been keenly following the news of you all as you work and play in the sun. Clearly your joy in and passion for service in Haiti is bouncing off the pages of your emails and blog posts! Thanks for the detailed updates, and inviting us in on news of the precious children you are ministering to. The pics tell stories of their own!
    We are praying for your safety and blessing!
    The Hagermans
    NB Fresh snow covers our yard this a.m.!

  5. Great to see more pictures of the crew. Did you have to show us pictures of the beach when we are shivering with more snow and colder temperatures? Peter and Gerry you will be missed on Sunday. Our prayers continue to go up each day for safety for you all and a productive trip. Please give the children an extra hug for us, so many children in third world countries who put on a cheerful face but you wonder what is on their minds with all they have seen at their young age.

    Larry and Shirley

  6. Il fait chaud today! It is going to be a scorcher! We have been up since 5:30, it is a little after 9 am and already the guys are sweating!

  7. We are continuing to follow your blog as we pray for your continued work there in Haiti, with continued good health and safety. We love the photos and it keeps it more real for us here at home to see you guys on computer. Enjoy the heat and sun...

    May God continue to bless you all,
    Heather & Rod Laybolt

  8. Hi Gramp, It's Cohen, I am glad you had fun at the beach! We are having a fun day today, Daddy is home from fishing so we have been playing the Wii (I even have my own toy remote now, so I jump around and play too). Hannah went to teach dance this morning and Hailey had her first soccer day! Mommy is going to the movies with the girls tonight and Daddy is going to game with Nathan :)
    Miss you lots, love you more!!! Cohen xoxo
    We are loving all the pictures!! God Bless, all our love the Roberts Crew

  9. "The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress...Be still and know that I am God". Ps 46: 7,10
    Praying for God's hedge of protection(which for you may be in the form of a barbed wire fence)to be around you from start to finish. He has an interesting way of keeping us safe.
    Trust him for it.

  10. Great job with the blog news and photos(and Heidi's emails!). It's much easier to pray for you all when we have a better idea what's going on. I hope you enjoyed the beach today. Brain coral big as Erin, wow!

    We'll miss the Newells tomorrow.

    Janet Sketchley (for the whole clan)

  11. Hi Len,
    Good to hear from you again,I saw your picture sitting in the sun,looked good. Regina is going to Halifax tomorrow and will be gone for the week.
    It looks like you have done a lot of work since you have been there,it looks good. We are fine,weather is good here.Hope to hear soon


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