Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Construction Begins...

We've all settled in quickly to the compound here today. After a long but fairly uneventful trip here yesterday we were all pretty beat, but hit the ground running this morning. After morning devotions (a chance to meet the kids and staff for the new folks, and to reconnect for the "experienced" ones), we quickly set to work scoping out the new addition.

The floor plans were reviewed, revised, and finalized, then the outline of the walls laid out. It was amazing how quickly things came together - tree branches that were in the way were cleared almost before we started, stacks of blocks lugged upstairs to the work area, mortar mixed, and people beginning to lay blocks by late morning. By supper time, some of the walls were nearing the half-way point, and most of the rest had at least a couple of layers laid. Everyone's really thrilled with how much progress we made on the first day!

We also had a chance to visit the school compound and see the finished extension many of us helped to add last January - it's a lot neater and cleaned up from the last time we saw it (the day we finished pouring the roof). A new tire swing was set up for the kids and was an immediate hit. We also started setting up the new computer equipment we brought down, organizing all the donations to distribute, and spending time with the kids. (A new 3 year old boy has just joined the orphanage as of supper time tonight, as well!)

Here are a few comments from the team:

Brian Bowers reports that his arms are now at least 10 inches longer after lugging so many blocks...

Peter said it was great to work side by side with the hard-working Haitians. He's thrilled that he made up his mind to come, and says "Hi" to Janice and the kids.

Ben said that sleeping last night was "intense" (in tents... groan... )

Colton plans to go home and put his uncle out of business.

Tim thought it was great to see how quickly Heidi and our kids fit into the orphanage crew. Kate worked hard sorting out donations and working with the kids. Erin and Aidan played a bit, and shared a bunch of crafts with the other kids, but then started in as part of the construction crew! Aidan is now devising a pulley system for lifting blocks and mortar. Erin is applying for the foreman position. :)

Erin says her favorite part is doing crafts with the kids.


  1. Your report is awesome! Loved the "in-tense" joke! I like that you're making time for both work and play. In the Army we use a phrase for our capital projects- "We're not just about building buildings". You have a wonderful opportunity before you and lots of support back home. Love to Peter from Janice, Allan and Amelia and blessings to you all! Peace!

  2. Hi,Just got home from Lindas. We had homemade pizza, cheesecake,.Anyway keep up the good work guys,May the Lord bless you all. Love Heather and Linda

  3. Thanks for keeping the Blog. Nice to be able to follow your daily activities. Stay safe and have some fun as well. Hugs to the children for me.

  4. I had a hard time leaving a post.The last post was from me.

  5. HI all,
    It is great to follow your day and work. I told Pastor Karl that you ahd arrived safe and sound and he said he was glad you were safe but for some of you he doubted the "sound" part...who could he have been thinking about?
    We are with you in spirit.
    Gerry, I hope you sleep well tonight and that you have some mosquito should show the photo and let everyone see how you slept last night...there would be lots of compassion for you.
    I know the kids there will appreciate having more kids to play with and learn from...enjoy them Erin, Aidan and Kate. You are fortunate to see a new child arrive to his new home.
    God Bless you all

  6. I guess it won't recognize me either...I signed in!

  7. Thanks for the pictures. Good to see all the kids pitching right in. I'm sure the only reason we don't see Heidi working is that she's behind the camera. Right?

    Love to all,
    - Russell and Janet

  8. Hi Gramp,
    We are up getting ready for school and I am ready, the girls aren't! We are having a sliding day at Olympians, I can't wait! And Dad's home from fishing for the day!! Love you lots xoxo Noah
    Everyone is great here!! God Bless you all hugs and kisses to Brian!!

  9. Hi,Patricia, Tracey, Weldon, Baby Dolls, Boys and Auntie Bunch. Got your message this morning! Going very well here. not nearly as hot as last year--- at least not yet. Had a good first day getting the walls started. Will get some more pictures of the kids for you. They are beautiful. Love you, Brian.

  10. Things look to be going very well. What is the weather like there right now? We are looking forward to following in your footsteps and hopefully finishing the new living quarters.

    I know you have your hands full but if you or any of your team have any comments or suggestions for our work they are welcome.

    God bless you all and keep you safe.


  11. May God bless you all and keep you safe during the time you are away. It is hard to believe that the first time we followed your blog we were in Mexico. It seems like yesterday. Keep up the good work but take time to love the kids too, they need lots of hugs.
    Larry and Shirley

  12. Enjoying reading the updates! Please tell Aidan that Baloo is so proud of him, he will have a HUGE list of "good deeds" when he returns!
    Take care & keep safe!

  13. Just reading your blog entries and looks like God put you to work as soon as you left the house... he certainly had to provide you with patience for the delays and obviously safety to get you all there safe and sound... the photos are great and seems like everyone is enjoying the work God is doing through you...
    God Bless and Keep Safe,
    Heather & Rod Laybolt

  14. way to go Brian proud oh ya
    craig -n- leanna

  15. I loveeeeee you dad....just keep remembering that through the will get you through!! oh and enjoy your goat whenever you have some again:) i know you love it:)

  16. Goat was fine - thanks!
    Love you too, Vanessa!

    Love, Dad

  17. Gerry, I wondered why the"mosquito tents" were half price.

  18. Hi Karen and team,
    Glad to hear you are safe. We don't believe the claim from "Christian Zionist" cultist Pat Robertson that this disaster is a result of Haiti's independence from France! We pray that God keeps us all safe from natural and man-made (wars) disasters. God bless you and your team as you continue your humanitarian work in Haiti.


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