Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home Safe

Just a quick update that both NS contingents have arrived safely in Halifax now, after nice smooth flights.  We were overwhelmed with all the people who came out (a number all the way from Yarmouth) to welcome us - thank you so much!


  1. Good to hear that you are all back safe!

  2. Glad to see you all on CBC and CTV tonite - esp.Bobby! Welcome home -

    Judy and Dwayne

  3. Was great to see such a sight at the Halifax airport!God is good!!!I could share this at my group, that you were on your way home.
    Buzz and Marj. Oshawa Ont.

  4. So glad to have you all safely home. WE've followed your journey closely. See you soon Bobby!
    Blessings, Roger and Gaile

  5. So glad you are all home safely . Sandy and Paul God bless you all

  6. Tim,
    So relieved to hear that you and your family, and others, have all arrived home safe and sound. Prayers continue for the people of Haiti..
    God Bless, Cindy Mackenzie

  7. This was on the news and shown on-line:


    This is the entire half hour show - the story takes place at 3:53 in.

    Travis (Leonard's son).


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