Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flight Clarifications/Updates and TV Interview

Hi all - here are a few updates to our flight information. 

As well, please note that CBC TV is doing a live interview from Halifax Airport with Ben Churchill who will represent the team.  The interview will be at 6:22 pm Atlantic.

We've wound up dividing the NS contingent between two flights.  Ben, Brian (Deux / Bowers), Colton, and Leonard are on AC 160, leaving Montreal at 2:00pm Eastern and arriving in Halifax 4:28 pm Atlantic.

The second NS group will be on AC 686 leaving Montreal 5:10 pm Eastern and arriving in Halifax 7:39 pm Atlantic.  This includes Gerry, Brian (Un / Roberts), Bob, Heidi, Tim, and the kids.

Jim will be leaving Montreal for Vancouver via WestJet 505, leaving 6:20 pm Eastern and arriving 8:54 pm Pacific.

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  1. Yeah! Praise the Lord, can't wait to have you all home & safe. See you soon!
    Nancy G


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