Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Evening

The support and individual messages we've been receiving are amazing.  Thank you so much to everyone who has written.  We're really sorry we haven't always had a chance to respond to everyone individually, but please know that we are encouraged by each and every comment and email!

We are finding that we are all dealing with the devastation in Port Au Prince in different ways and times over the last few days. The trip in yesterday and the photos that the team brought back really drove things home for a lot of us. Some of us had an immediate emotional response. Many were more worried about what loved ones at home would experience when they heard about the quake. Many of us each had "our time" to cry, pray, or think. For some, we have simply kept busy and will face our time upon our return home. During our devotional time together this morning, many expressed how glad they were that they came, that there was a reason for to have been here during this time, were having no regrets and looking forward to a chance to come back in the future.

We have been more grateful than ever to have had a consistent link to home through email, Facebook, Skype and the blog. It has helped everyone on both ends. Can you imagine what it would have been like to have had no contact?

Bob noted that it was "hard to get re-focussed after something like this has happened. We are still picking away at some of the smaller projects. We would like to be more directly involved in the rescue effort, but we still have to work on the project that we came here to do and that will have a direct impact on the 200 kids that attend the school."

The team worked on the four walls of the security hut and hope to finish the roof tomorrow. The footings at the base of the stairs of the new apartment were poured and they finished repairing a portion of the school wall. There is still about a hundred feet of the wall to tear down and fix. Tomorrow, the plan is build rebar frames which will reinforce the roof of the new apartment.

Jim and Tim have been busy upgrading and replacing much of the computer equipment for HATS in between helping with some of the projects.

Especially since the pace of work has slowed in the past few days, one positive result has been that there has been more time and attention for the children.  They have been able to enjoy times to cuddle, swing, bake, have wheelbarrow rides, or play games.  Alex is loving all the extra attention he is receiving.  Heidi taught him "Boom, Boom Ain't Great To Be Crazy?" He chimes in with `crazy`at the end of each line. He also enjoys the ``Itsy Bitsy Spider`and `Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes.` Many times, at the end of each song, he grins and says clearly, ``Again.``

We are troubled to report that the Chia Pet fan club is beginning to spread to the children - here is Mirlande attempting to join in (using hair she pulled off Leonards chest):

We are still sleeping outside of the main house due to the cracks  in the columns.

We intended to meet and pass out the gifts and school supplies that were brought down for sponsored children. Since the earthquake occurred, we realize that this will not happen as school is closed and Karen will distribute them at a later date.

In one of last posts, we quoted Haitian radio as saying the death toll could go as high as 600,000 people. CNN just reported a much lower estimate of 45,000 to 50,000. We realize we cannot always rely on the estimates given, In any case, the numbers are horrific.  

Our plan is still to return to Canada via Montreal on Tuesday, if possible, and after overnighting, continue to our individual homes on Wednesday. We do realize that our plan may change and is subject to regular flights being able to get in by then, but we're in touch with Air Canada and Foreign Affairs daily to check on progress in that area.


  1. This is an amazing blog. In a time of chaos, which has stopped the world in its tracks, you are engaged the the greatest building project ever. You will never forget, but neither will the children you are impacting every moment of the day. The photos you have attached to this blog are filled with love, and life, and laughter. You are an incredible group! Don't forget it!

  2. Hi Heidi,
    I just want to let you all know how absolutely inspirational your team is.Stay safe and have safe travels home.My thoughts and Prayers to the people of Haiti.

    Darlene,Mike,Kelsie and Tyler Stevens

  3. You are all amazing! I love the photos of the love and attention given to the kids...they will never forget you as you will never forget them. God Bless you all.

  4. Thank you for the blog . It's 1am . I'm still up . It's unbelievable that we can correspond with you in Haiti , I can hear those roosters ! They wait til you're ready to sleep then they start talking to each other. I know , I've been there and I'd like to be there now . God bless you all . God is with you .

  5. Hi Gramp, It's Noah!
    Dad's home today and Hannah has dance and Hailey has soccer. I get to stay home with dad and Cohen. The Saturday gang is coming tonight and maybe Justyn. I really liked the picture of the kids playing soccer and the wheel barrel rides looked really fun! Love you lots, love Noah xoxoxo See you soon, hopefully in 4 sleeps!!!

    It was really great to see the pictures, you are all making such a wonderful relationship with all those children. Almost chaos and heartbreak you are showing them so much love and happiness! God Bless you all!!
    Brian, Kirby has been texting lots to make sure you are safe, he sends love and prayers!!!
    Lots of love to Brian un and Gerry(Wilma) too!!! Take care, be safe!
    Love and Prayers,
    The Roberts Crew

  6. Patricia, Tracey Weldon, Baby Dolls, Boys
    Sat. morning. We will be doing re-bar on the roof today. hpoefully we can have it nearly ready to pour by Monday. Miss you all. Love you BIG TIME!

  7. miss you dad....almost home:)

    love vanessa

  8. Your pictures are wonderful today. These children will never forget you and the time you spend with them and the love that you are showing them. God's love is spilling out of you on to them. You are so needed where you are right now and God will bring you safely home in His time. May God bless you all for your dedication, you are in our prayers.

    Larry and Shirley

  9. Miss you Bobby

    Love your sister Anna

  10. BOB said I am glad to see my family on the blog
    keeps me focused. Hi anna linda and vanessa
    Be home soon with lots of stories
    love BOB xoxo

  11. It was worth the wait for the update. Thanks for using some of your electricity to post the pictures as well as the words.

    This would be so much harder if we couldn't know how you're doing, and I'm sure you'd feel much more isolated.

    God is doing something, and you're part of it, and He always does good work.

    We're praying for the team. Russell is going to give an update in church tomorrow, specifically on the Newells, and I hope he can share some of the photos.

    Know that many people are praying!

    Russell and Janet

  12. Hey Guys,
    It's Faith here again! Still following everything as much as possible and ringin Tracey and Weldon's phone off the hook for the "inside scoop" from Brian (un?) lol. praying for you all at all times and praying for strength for your return... i remember coming back was much harder than being there and this trip will be even harder. Praying for your safety on the return as well, God already has you in his arms because you are doing what he's asked of you.
    "whatever you do for the least of these..." He sees your compassion for others.
    I love you all... waiting for my bear hug from you Brian.
    God bless and be safe!

  13. Still saying prayers for everyone all the time.

    It's nice to see in the pictures that a little fun is still taking place in some wheel barrow rides. I was wondering if anyone knows of somewhere around here I can get one? lol Looks like lots of fun for the kids. (and maybe the odd adult) :)

    Stay Safe!!!

  14. Hi Karen & Team,
    Happy to hear you are safe. I hope your water well is still functioning!
    God bless.
    David Morgan


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