Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update re: new Aftershocks

Many have probably heard about the new aftershocks earlier this morning.  Thankfully we've just had an email from Karen confirming she's still okay, though the tremor was "not small" and she hasn't had a chance to reassess the buildings for any new damage.

Please continue to pray!


  1. Karen and the children are still in our prayers and will continue to be!! God Bless you Karen you are a wonderful person!!!!

  2. Hi Karen .
    Great to have the crew home . You are one tough lady . Like I told you , I want to be like you when I grow up . HA HA!! I will be back to see you . God is with you as he always is . Take care . We love you .

  3. Hi Karen,
    The first thing I thought of when we heard about the tremor this morning was, "Karen must have decided to take a shower again!"
    You are in our thoughts and prayers always!
    Patricia and Brian

  4. Karen, the children & the HATS program will continue to be in our thoughts & prayers!

  5. So glad you've heard from Karen and she and the kids are okay. I hope the buildings are, too!

    Russell and Janet


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