Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Earthquake Update

Update 9:48 pm Eastern

Things continue to be quiet.  Some of the guys are watching CNN - they're starting to get a few pictures and details through now.

We're going to sit tight and continue our work for the next couple days while we wait for information.  We're also keeping our ears open for any opportunities or ways we can help, but for the moment the best thing for us to do is simply sit tight.  We've contacted the Canadian Embassy and are going to check in with Air Canada tomorrow.  We're scheduled to fly home a week from today at this point.

Going to sign off for the night now and get some rest.  Thank you to everyone for your words of encouragement and concern, and especially for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for those directly affected by the quake.

Update 8:53 Eastern

All is well.  Minor aftershocks continue.  We're settling in for the night.  Please continue to pray for those directly affected.

We're sitting tight for now, have notified the Embassy of our status and contacting Air Canada in the next day or so to try to get more info.  Reports so far seem to indicate that the airport is okay, though we don't know what the roads are like down near Port-au-Prince.

Update 7:43 Eastern
Some details about damage in PaP are starting to get through - we've been watching CNN here as well to keep up to date (Satellite TV and Internet here).

Things continue to be quiet overall - we just had a minor aftershock as we started to type this, but it seems very minor now.

We're moving out of the main building to the single-story dining hall - we'll have our mosquito tents and mattresses so will be quite comfortable as well as safe there.


Update 5:38 Eastern
We've had verbal indications from Luckner that the Palace and Justice building in PaP have collapsed.
New reports are indicating a hospital has collapsed in or near the capital.

Karen and Luckner were both in PaP today dropping Peter off and stayed several hours running errands.  We're all tremendously happy that they arrived home not too long before the quake hit.

Many of you may have heard by now but a few minutes ago there was a magnitude 7 earthquake with an epicenter just outside Port-au-Prince.  Thankfully it was an hour or two after Pastor Peter's flight departed.

Please know that we are all safe and sound.  We felt the quake quite strongly and everyone cleared out of the house where we were relaxing after a day's work.  The house shook very visibly.  Some of the walls around the compound appeared to move about 2 feet or so back and forth. There are a few minor cracks in the walls and such but the building appears sound.  Even the new construction was not affected that we've seen so far.

We've had 3-4 minor aftershocks but nothing serious.  We're taking things very cautiously and are prepared to clear out of the building in a hurry if needed.  The worst appears to be over for us, but we fear for many of the rough huts in this area and most especially near and outside Port-au-Prince.  Please keep the poor of this country in your prayers tonight.

We'll post further information later tonight, but for now we wanted to ensure you know we're all safe.

FYI: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2010rja6.php

In Him,
HATS Mission Team


  1. Hi, Everyone here was glad to here that you are all O.K. The news sure gave us a scare. Hope you will let us know as soon as possible how things are going.
    We are all praying for you Please keep safe. Love
    Heather and Patricia

  2. You are all in our prayers along with the Haitian people.

    Larry and Shirley

  3. Heather/ Patricia- We are going to sleep out in the Devotion house tonight. Will post more later.


  4. Glad to hear you are all safe....we will continue to hold you all in our prayers....it is such an incredible thing that you are all doing...we will continue to check in daily for updates.
    Anita, Eric & Justin

  5. We are so thankful that you are all okay, and that Karen and Luknar were home before the quake. We are keeping you in our prayers and trusting God to be the everlasting arms that hold you up today. Take care of each other.

  6. Thank God you are all OK!! You are all in my prayers!!

    Terry Burton

  7. Praying for you guys while you're there & glad that we are-God is keeping all of you safe, what an answer to prayer right there.

    Love reading the blog,
    Nancy & Darcy Goodwin

  8. hey dad....if you are able to can you please send me an email to let me know that you are ok....it's fine to hear it from other people but I need to hear it from you that you are ok.....i love you so so much....please be careful there now...i want you to come home you know:) i love you...please contact me when you can!


  9. VERY HAPPY you are safe, GOD is good!!Sorry to hear about all the destruction in Haiti though, they will all be in our prayers as you all will be too!!
    love and prayer, hugs and kisses to Grampy!!!
    the Roberts Crew

  10. We were very relieved to hear everyone is okay, and very sorry to hear about all the damage to the buildings in the area, hoping everyone got out unharmed.

    You are in our thoughts, will write more tomorrow with the kids, hope you have a restful tonight,
    love and hugs,

  11. Hay Bobby
    and gang hope everyone is ok and pray that you make it back safely, we will be watching the sight and the news for updates. Be safe


  12. Like others, we really experienced a scare hearing about the quake - thank you for updating the blog so reassuringly :0)! Prayers for you all and the people of Haiti - this kind of devastation is so hard anywhere - but I can only imagine how much more difficult there with the lack of resources already. Lots of love to Jim (Steer) from our family!

  13. Glad to hear that you are all safe! Take care and know that we are all thinking of you, Brain take care and we'll see you when you get back!


  14. Very glad to hear that everything is OK with you guys. Take care & be safe,
    Brian & Val

  15. As with the others, quite a scare but we can be assured that we serve a God who answers prayers and I certainly believe the prayers continually asking for protection for you all have been answered. We will continue to pray for safety for you and the people of the country, the rescue people and the countries of the world who will reach out to assist.
    Rollie Hannem

  16. Our prayers are with you and we will be keeping updated

    by the 2010 blog and the news. Please let Bobby Comeau know that we are praying for his safe return and are staying strong for all of you.

    Love Anna

    on behalf of your sisters.

  17. Just wanted to let you all know that we are praying for your continued safety. We are also praying for all those in Haiti who have been impacted by this earthquake. We're trusting God to make this mission successful and bring everyone home safely.
    Paul & Sandy Foote

  18. We are so thankful that you are safe...we have been praying for you and the whole country. The Lord must have you there at this time for a very special reason.


    Carla and Paul

  19. Whew...just got home from a long day of meetings and heard the news. Was worried until I read the blog. I'm very grateful that everyone is safe. Be well and a safe return.

    Dan C. in Calgary

  20. Hi Tim, family and the rest of the team,

    Its Colleen Outhouse-Tan in Singapore here. I was quite relieved to find your post. Hope it's a comfort to know that our family, small group and friends are remembering you all and the people of Haiti in prayers.

    God Bless

  21. Gerry,Heidi and Tim.... hope you get this, just wanted you all to know we're praying for your safety and your safe return home.Love you all,please take care, love you ,Becky

    Becky Rhyno

  22. Hi Newells and the rest of the team

    Just woke up to the news of the earthquake. Laura and I immediately came to check your website and we have been doing daily. Comforting to see they updates and knowing you are all safe. Will keep you all in our thoughts.

    the McGoverns

  23. Glad to hear that you are all well,and that the erthquate did not destroy the opharange.Our prayers are with you all and the people of Haiti.
    Looking to see you all home safely.
    Robert And Miriam

  24. Hi Gerry and gang

    Glad to know that you are all safe and that there's no major destruction to your work there. Won't be sorry when you can get out of there but I know you will continue to do the best you can while you are there. Take care and talk soon.

    Wanda and Roland

  25. My prayers are with you all and the people of Haiti. Hoping to see you all home safely.

    Shelley Trefry-Allen

  26. glad to know you are ok Bobby prayers for you and your team
    your cousin Paulette and family

  27. our prayers are with all of you..love you brian.b from your girls.xoxo


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