Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thank You from Karen

I saw the team safely unto the Embassy grounds on Monday.   It was very hard to say goodbye but I was so very thankful to know they were safe and sound.

I want to say a huge thank you to all fourteen members of the team.  I speak on behalf of the HATS family,  HATS employees, and the community that HATS serves. 

You were a great group.  You came with servant hearts and you served well.   I appreciated every minute I had with you - working, talking, laughing. 

Tim, Heidi, Kate, Aiden, and Erin.   You are a lovely family.  You all became involved in the day to day aspect of HATS,  the work and the lives of the HATS children and HATS employees.  You accepted everyone and blessed them all by your friendliness and helpfulness.  I would like to have you return again, as a family next time, instead of part of a large group.  The HATS family and your family would be able to do many things together.   Tim, the Chief Computer geek, could of course, clean up all my computer messes and get me straightened out again.  It seems to me that you did that for me last year too, Tim.   Thanks to all of you.

Brian # 1.   It is always good to have you here.  You work hard at whatever task is needed and you are a constant support for me, no matter what is going on around us.   Thank you for everything.

Brian # 2.  This was your first time with us at HATS but hopefully not your last.  Thanks for all the hard work and willing spirit to do whatever was needed.  Thank you for accepting Alex (Ti Luc) as Ti Brian.  He asks about Papa Brian and tells people his name is Ti Brian. 

Bob.  What can I say??   This was your fourth time with us, I think.  Thanks for being such a big and important part of HATS.   Everyone knows and loves you now.

Leonard.    This was your first time here.  I hope you were blessed by it as you blessed others.  Thanks for being willing to do whatever was needed.  It was cute hearing you speak Acadian French and people who know very little English, saying Speak English please. 

Peter - pastor and friend.   You were with us for one week, instead of two.  It was a good week.  I liked having you around and found it easy to talk with you.  Thank you for being willing to work wherever you were needed and for continuing to do what you could even when not feeling well.  You were uneasy about something to do with Haiti but did not know what.  You felt to go home early and told me you needed to be praying for the rest of us from Canada.  The day we took you to the airport, the same day as the earthquake, we took you to see the palace.  I could sense being there made you uncomfortable.  (You had good reasons but at that time we did not understand them.)  You wanted to get to the airport.  A few hours after you saw the palace, it was no more.  Many people inside lost their lives.  

Colton.   It was your first time.  Thank you for coming and doing, and being.   Your mother did a great job of bringing you up!   You are a very respectful, caring and considerate young man.  Continue to follow the Lord and let Him direct your life.   You can go a long way and touch the lives of many.

Ben.  Thanks for everything.  It was great to have you back for a second time.  I have no doubt you will come again.  You have a great sense of humour and at the same time you are sensitive to the hurts of those around you.   A good combination.

Jim.  My wonderful silly cousin.  (Does sillyness run in our family?)  It was your first time at HATS but I know that you will be returning and hopefully Irene can join you.  Thank you for everything.  It was great having two computer geeks here this time.  Two of you!  And I still ended up not knowing what I needed to before I lost you guys.  Guess I can't blame it on you and Tim.

Gerry.  Last, but most certainly not least.  Gerry, it is difficult to put anything into words for you.  My heart is filled with thankfulness.  Filled!!!   You were my earthly rock of strength while here.  God knows, and you and I know, how valuable your time here was.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  I will be waiting for your return.  Bring my Newfie buddy, Heather, okay!

All fourteen of you were a tremendous blessing  to all my kids.  Thank you for all the love and attention you gave them all.  A special thank you for all your patience, understanding and help with my special Alex (Ti Brian).

My God bless each and every one of you and your families.  I love you all.


  1. Karen thanks for allowing him to come home to me. Maybe one day I wil come with him on a working holiday. Love in Christ.


  2. Dear Karen, We know that this trip has changed our lives more than any sort of real help we could have ever been to you. Thank you for allowing us to come. We keep remarking on how we can see God's hand through the entire trip. It was amazing and surreal.

    Love, Heidi

  3. Kim, Doug & Brittany BrownJanuary 22, 2010 at 9:18 AM

    Karen, we know of you & the HATS program through the Newell family & now through the blogsite. What you, with God's help are doing in Haiti is invaluable. Please know that our family will continue to follow your work, pray for you & encourage others to do the same. May you, your workers & your children continue to be kept safe & blessed by God.


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