Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Morning Update

Good morning everyone.

Thank you all for your prayers, emails, and comments.  It's amazing how many people are involved in supporting and watching what we have been doing here.  Thank you all for your concern - we are very touched.

We don't have a lot of news to report yet.  We had a relatively quiet night - a couple more aftershocks a bit after midnight, but not too bad.  Things are starting to sink in a bit more for some of the team after busyness of relocating our sleeping quarters and doing immediate tasks last night.  We're very thankful that we're here with Karen at this time, as she is of course terribly upset and very worried about many of her friends and the people here whom she has such a passion for.

Please continue to focus your prayers on those affected in and around Port-au-Prince in the coming days.

We hope more information will begin to come in today.  We're going to focus on doing detailed inspections of the buildings and walls here and at the school to check for damage this morning.


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted. May all go well with the inspections today, and may everyone be back in their own buildings tonight.

    Heidi, it was good to be able to "chat" with you last night, and to be able to get some news out on the radio about your group.

    God bless, and love to all,
    - Russell & Janet

  2. Keeping you all in your prayers. I am thankful your team is with Karen to support her at this extremely difficult time. Please give our love to Brian B, Robert and Colton. We know God is using you all mightily to be His hands. You are certainly there "For such a time as this". May God continue to bless and keep each of you in His care. Cindy Power

  3. Hi Heidi, Tim and kids, Gerry and the rest of the team. Just want to assure you of our prayers. thanks for the updates here. Praying that the buildings you are in will be structurally safe. Blessings,

    Jim, Ruth Anne and family.

  4. Thinking and praying for you all and thanking God for keeping you all safe. Praise his name!!!

  5. Haiti is definitely in our prayers. Thank you for keeping us updated on what is happening with you and the members at the orphanage. May God continue to protect and keep you all, in His care.

    Rod & Heather Laybolt

  6. Thinking of you all and praying that God will keep you safe and use you for His purpose in helping out his people in Haiti. Come back home as soon as you can Brian, Robert and Colton.

    Donnie and Dianne Nickerson
    Lower Argyle, NS

  7. A special hello to Erin and Aidan,

    We have been following your blog each day and love seeing the pictures of your family. We were listening to the CBC radio this morning before going to school and were very happy to hear that your family is safe.

    your friends,
    Malcolm and Charlotte Dort

  8. Glad to hear everyone is safe. Praying for you all.

    Shawn (Clayton) Surette

  9. It was great to hear about your team in Haiti. I am glad that you are safe and sound but will continue to pray for the people of Haiti. May God's presence be felt in a real and wonderful way. Psalm 118.
    Helen Keirstead
    PS Say hi to Katie, Aiden and Erin


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