Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last leg home...

We've had a good night in Montreal and been very well cared for by the Embassy in Port-au-Prince, the military flight crew, and the government and Red Cross when we arrived here.  (Embarrasingly well treated.)

They've already scheduled our new flights home.  Jim will be flying to Vancouver tonight around 6:20 pm Eastern, we believe via WestJet flight 683 or Air Canada 195.  (We don't have exact flight numbers yet, but those look to be the likely candidates.)

The Nova Scotia crew departs Montreal at 14:00 (2:00 pm) Eastern, we think via Air Canada flight 160.  (It's extremely strange, and very sad, for us to be going our separate ways now!!)


  1. When God brings us together for an opportunity to serve Him, it's amazing how fast bonds build between us. Even years after, you still feel close to those people. I'm sure the tragedy you all experienced only reinforces the bonds that much more.

    Praise God that you're all safe. May He grant you all an uneventful trip home on the last leg of your voyage.

    - Russell & Janet

  2. So thankful that you're all on your way home....everyone is so proud of the way you've served. Blessings & 'welcome home' to all of you.

  3. Welcome home to Canada!! It will be great to see all of you.

    I have been asked the question how much of the funds raised through this blog is actually sent to the Hands Across the Sea Association. Can someone post the answer on the blog for those that are questioning this. That would be great.

    Again Welcome home and God Bless
    Amanda and family

  4. God is great... glad that you have made it to Canada... and looking forward to seeing you home safe and sound... May God still be with you on this last leg of your journey... Still in continued prayer for both the Haitian people and those who have gone there to assist with the situation.

    God bless,
    Heather & Rod Laybolt

  5. Hey there Nova Scotia Gang,

    Glad to hear you guys are on your way back to Nova Scotia from Montreal.
    It was nice to meet you all.

    The flight nurse

  6. Re: Donations, HATS is run by a small volunteer board. There are no administration "fees" or such except for e.g. bank / paypal charges and such. Aside from that, everything goes straight to Haiti and the direct operating costs of the HATS ministry.

    Sophie - thank you so much for your posting!!! You guys were great to us and we are so thankful for all that you did! (And nice job managing that lady who tried to get out of her stretcher during final approach! :)

  7. welcome to canada gang you must be glad in a way and not so glad in another way. as there is so much to do there. thank you for what you could do and did its heart braking to see haiti like that. as they were so poor befor now they have lost so much . may god be with them in their time of need. and with you too and thank you too . frances @leonard

  8. Welcome home - BobbyC and the Team -

    Judy and Dwayne


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