Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mid-morning Wednesday

We've spent some time at the school checking for damage.  People have asked what they can do.  From what we can see, we are going to need about $10,000 to do repairs to the school just to make it safe enough that children can come back to school.  We've just sent the children home for at least one week, just to be safe.  If you would like to help, this is one way that you can. 

Cheques can be made out to Hands Across the Sea Association and sent to:
    Hands Across the Sea
    Box 101
    Yarmouth, NS B5A 4B1

Information continues to trickle in.  Phone service (mostly cellular here) has been down since the earthquake.  Thankfully we have satellite-based Internet as well as television so are able to stay in touch and receive information.

Luckner drove to PAP last night to evaluate the situation.  The road to the capital was open.  Once he reached PAP it appeared that virtually all the buildings were damaged, and there appeared to be many casualties.

We've received several confirmations that the airport is operational.  The UN web sites are indicating that aid is beginning to arrive.

Locally, we have been successful in securing more diesel for the generator as well as fresh bottles of water, so we are in excellent condition ourselves.  There appears to be little damage to homes in the immediate area.  Southeast from here, we've had reports from a man who runs another orphanage that the poor area there has been quite badly damaged however.  Everyone here is worried about friends and family in PAP - no one is unaffected.  With phone service down people are trying to make their way to the city to try to find their loved ones.  Some reports are beginning to come in, unfortunately some of them tragic.  One woman reported her aunt and three children were killed when their house collapsed.  The man who runs the nearby orphanage spent the night leading his congregation in prayer and lost his own house, and is now going to PAP to find his brother and bring him home one way or another.

Please continue to pray, and for those who are called, to gather and send funds.  For now, those seeking to get disaster relief funds through quickly should contact one of the major aid agencies such as the Red Cross, as they are better positioned to deliver effective emergency aid.


  1. We are praying for your safety and peace of mind. Our prayers are also with the Haitian people at this time and that relief workers will come quickly and reach those in the most need. God bless you all. Hug the little ones for us. Fred & Bev W.

  2. Thank you for the updates on this web site to let everyone know that you are safe through this difficult time. I have been contacted by many people at work to see if I had any news on how Tim and his family are making out? I have been passing on the link for them to read your updates. We will continue to pray for your safety and wisdom to know what you should do to help the Haiti people.

    Paul Nelson

  3. Our prayers for all of you continue - I'm glad for Karen and the little ones that she and they had the reassurance of the team's extra hands, hearts and collective prayers at this difficult time. We are praying for Haiti and also for the safety (and safe return) of our loved ones too! As the poster above said - please hug the little children!

  4. Hi, Glad to see that youre able to keep us posted of whats going on.You are in our prayers and thoughts today as you ponder of what to do next.Be safe,and God Bless You all.Love Heather

  5. Hi It is wo wonderful to be able to know what is going on in Haiti with the blog. My prayers are with you all. Brian un, Roger called to find out if everything was o.k. Love you Brian R. Patricia

  6. Praise God for your safety! Our prayers are with all of you.
    Sandra & Al Legere

  7. Still praying!

    Russell and Janet

  8. Hi Gramp,
    It's Hannah today, today at school I did a 1/2 hour presentation on the Haititeam 2010! Dad's home again today, Mom and Dad have been watching the computer all day! Grammy did an interview on tv with some of the other family members! I am really sad for the people in Haiti, but I am really happy that you are all safe!!! Love ya, love ya, love ya lots!!! Please be safe!!!! xoxoxo
    We are all praying lots for everyone, I have been swamped with emails and concerns for you all! Weldon has been talking to Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Milton and I have answered emails from the cousins. Lots of prayers are being sad, be safe! Love you lots,
    The Roberts Crew

  9. Hey Haiti Team! There have ben countless prayers for all of you there! I have been told that it was meant for me to miss this year but my heart is still with you all. I am so glad you are all safe and the children are ok as well. Please tell them all Faith is praying for them and for all of Haiti. Please tell them how much I miss them and I hope to one day be able to come see them all again. Please be safe and take care of one another. I love you all and will be in prayer for all of you the remainder of your time there and while you travel.

    I love you Karen! Be strong, God has a plan for you and for Haiti. Kiss my "cute" boy for me, tell him he is so handsome in his pictures and tell him I miss him so much. Tell all the the other kids i will be praying for them and miss them so much.

    prayers to all, God Bless!

  10. This is just shocking! God be with all of you and we send many prayers to you and those in great need and despair.

    Mosher/Godin clan

  11. To Karen, Haiti Team and all at the mission; Olive and I heard the news today and we send our fervent prayers for your safety and for the people of Haiti, CBC has been running an almost constant update on the situation and many teams of rescuers and medical people from around the world are en route.
    The Governor-General just made a very moving speech & thanks to the International Community.
    Our Love and thoughts, John & Olive

  12. Praise the Lord that you are all fine and safe.
    Robert ( Comeau ),We will start our fellow-ship group tonight. Our prayer will be for you, the team and people of Haiti for strength and wisdom to face this trying time.
    We all believe that God will open the way for things that need to be done / repair for the school etc.
    Please be strong and safe. And send our love and pray to Karen. We love her and will always keep her in our pray.

    To Him only we trust our life,
    Cerliana H.

  13. You are all in my prayers. May God bless and keep you in his care. You are doing a wonderful thing. Love Diane Chase (Malcolm and Charlotte's Nana)

  14. We are all thinking about you guys, and pray for your well being and safe return. Can't imagine the devastation and shock of what has taken place in the lives of those poor Haitian people. May you all find peace and strength in the Lord to continue your mission there. I know most of you personally and my thoughts and prayers are with each of you.
    All the best and take care, Randy Cook

  15. haiti team,weve been thinking about you all day and wondering what you are doing.looking forward to the bolg tonight to keep us updated.praying for your safty and Gods will.Colton be sure to email us tonight your family and friends would like a update. love your dad and mom.

  16. Thank you for all the updates. So thankful that you are ok.
    Prayers and thoughts are with you.

    Lots of love to Uncle Leonard (so happy to hear you and the group are ok. Lots of prayers that you stay safe)


  17. Wish you guys the best in hard times. I've been praying for the team since you've left. I guess God has more work for you guys to do. Praying hard for you all and the kids.

    God Bless you all.
    Jonathan Skjelmose

  18. Hi team,
    There is no safer place to be than where God would have you be. We are watching and praying for you all, my heart hurts for the Haitian people. I am also glad that you are all there to lift Karen up right now.
    All our love,
    Ed & Janet
    Gerry please email me:

  19. Thanks for keeping us informed. We have had 69 phone calls from across Canada since last night. Sandra and I have done several interviews. After this a lot more people will know about Karen Huxter, Yarmouth, Gerry Rhyno, work teams, HATS and HATSA. Caleb sends his best wishes from Afghanistan. Take care and stay safe. Major Rowe is home safe and sound.

  20. Thanks for the update! Keep safe - we will continue to pray for your team and also the ppl in Haiti.

  21. Hey Guys,
    I am just so thankful that you are all safe and able to function. Praise the Lord. I have been following the blog all day at a meeting that I have been at in Sackville, NB.
    Keep hanging in there and God bless you. We are praying for you!!
    Dennis and Judy Leamont

  22. We are thankful that you are all safe. Tell Ben we seen Winnie this morning and she seems to be doing well. I check the blog often for updates. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. Fred & Ronna

  23. Robert(Bobby) Comeau glad to hear that you and your team are ok will pray for all of you
    from your cousin Paulette and family

  24. So relieved to hear you are all safe. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you since we heard of the earthquake. Leonard, we have been in touch with Julie and she told us all of you were unhurt. Cannot comprehend what the devastation must be like and what the people of Haiti are going through. Our hope is that aid and supplies will be arriving soon to help in the immediate resuce effort.
    You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.
    Maxine and Dick Nimmo

  25. For Robert (Bobby) Comeau and his team in Haiti, we are very relieved to hear you are safe. We watch and listen to the news, it is hard to comprehend the utter devastation caused by this earthquake. It must be very difficult to see it first hand. May God give you strength to continue your work.

    Your cousin Marcelle (Comeau) and family


  27. hi daddio,
    I want you to come home. Adam and I are watching the news and it sounds so bad guys need to find a way home...someway....I can't get along without're my best friend. i loveee you so much....plase know that. let me know what's going on. i love you bunches...
    love vanessa

  28. Hi BRian (Deux) Bowers. Just want to let you
    know we are with you and all of your team along with every one - our prayers go out to everyone
    providers and survivors. God Bless! Ray & Dot


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