Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update from our Team Lead

I want to thank everyone for your prayers.  It has been a very restless night.  There have been at least two aftershocks around midnight and possibly more.  It is very difficult to sleep when you're waiting for the next tremor to come, and wondering how it will affect us.

I do feel a terrible responsibility at this time for the team.  Although we plan to make the day as normal as possible, what could be normal?  We have staff who have family in Port-au-Prince, and they have no information as to whether they are safe or not.  I have many friends in Port-au-Prince, people I love dearly, and I don't know their condition.  It's going to be a sad day.

We're going to try to get fuel for the generator this morning.  Our stock is relatively low, so we're going to try to get 2 barrels of diesel if possible.  Fuel will become very difficult to get as the days progress, so we must do it while we can.

We've heard rumours that bridges are down, but we're not sure whether they are between us and Port-au-Prince, and how this might affect us and our ability to get to the airport when the time comes.  There are so many unknowns at this time.
Because of the grieving and uncertainty, we've decided to call off our planned staff meeting for today. 

The reality of this is that many people have died or been injured in Haiti.  Lives have been changed forever.  Haiti, that has suffered so much, suffers again.

What can you do at home?

First, we need lots of prayer.  We need God's covering at this time.  Not only for ourselves, but for so many mission groups that are here at this time, as well as the Haitian people.

I have been wondering about the impact of this situation on Katie, Aidan, and Erin.  They are very quiet - what are they thinking about?  It will have a huge impact on their lives. 

I have a feeling that riots will happen in the next few days, as fear and uncertainty turn to anger. 

So what can you do?

Yes, pray.
If you feel called, start trying to raise funds which will become so necessary and which will be put to good use.  Seek your heart, and listen to what God says to you.

Thank you,
Gerry Rhyno


  1. Praying for you and watching the news closely. Leanne and Richard Brannen

  2. Everyone here is praying for your safe return home. We are glad you have each other close by right now.
    Thanks for the updates, they help alot.
    Lots of love,

  3. prayers are on the way to the people of Haiti.
    In watching the news here in Canada, There is a lot of government help on the way from both Canada and the United States.
    Bobby C - Linda is being interviewed by the news this morning and she has finally stopped crying. She sounds good on the phone and is trying to keep busy like she always does. God Bless and Keep you safe.

  4. Stay safe ! we just heard the news over CJLS.
    Keep us posted please. Our prayers are with you.

  5. We are glad to hear that you are all ok.
    Our prayers go out to you.

    Howard, Pam and Amber Rhyno

  6. Glad to hear that you are all safe - we were very worried for Tim and family last night. Our thoughts are with you all and the people of Port au Prince.

    Phil, Sonya and Avalon

  7. Praying for you all, may God bless Haiti through you in ways you never imagined.

    - Bhreagh Hannem

  8. We are continuing to pray for the Haiti people and that God continues to keep you all in good health and safe on your mission.

    Rod & Heather Laybolt

  9. Sending prayers for your safe return, as well as peace of mind. I'm sure you'll continue to be a blessing for the people of haiti, now more than ever!

    Heather Childs and family

  10. Hi All , Praying for your safety , Gods guidance in the tough days ahead and your safe return . keep us posted as much as possible . Love you all. Pam and Thelma

  11. We just heard on the news that the airport is fully operational. Praise the Lord!!

    May you be His hands and feet in this situation. You are where He needs you to be. May He bless you as you bless those around you.

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you and the Haitian people at this time.

    May you feel His presence.

    Larry and Shirley

  12. We are all praying for you and the Country of Haiti. My heart goes out to the people who have lost so much. Our prayer is that through this terrible time that God's love will shine through His people. We are praying for all of you.

    Pastor Dave Wilcox

  13. Just spent the morning with my students looking at the situation in Haiti and what you guys have been accomplishing there. Many young eyes opened to a world that, unlike ours, is full of poverty, pain and suffering. Great discussion on how we can help others in the world and how we are to be thankful for what we have.
    They ask to check for updates every half hour or so........
    Thank you all for such a teaching opportunity as to what one can do to make a difference in the world. God Bless and our prayers are with you for safety.


  14. So glad you are all Ok! I am praying for you and for renewed strength! God is ever present with you and although the fear may overtake you, he is there with his angels to protect you and guide you to your next step. Call His name incesently and let it not depart from your mind. We are with you all in Spirit here in Yarmouth upholding you in prayers! Cora Panter

  15. We are praying for all of you ,I know God has you in His hands and will make a way for you to return home.It is heartbreaking to see all the horror the people are going through and our prayers are for them also.


  16. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am the sister of Pastor Peter Rowe and we had some restless hours not knowing if he was on his flight saftely. He is back on Canadian soil.

    God is with you and will guide you home saftely.


  17. Patricia, Tracey, Weldon, Baby Dolls, Boys and Auntie Bunch.
    Everyone working this morning to keep things as normal as possible. I talked with a couple of the school teachers. It is heartbreaking to see the anguish on yheir face because they have family in Port Au Prince and no way to know if they are O.K. One lady sat staring into space and when I asked about her family, she said she has a 0ne year old granddaughter in PaP and fears she may not have survived along with the childs parents.
    Love you all. Brian, Dad, Gramp.

  18. It must be overwhelming for you there, I am praying for you to find the strength that will see you through until you are safe at home, to find the strength to keep a smile on your faces for the kids, and to keep a calm, clear head in your decisions.

    I am so proud of you, and I'm sure it means alot to Karen and Luckner and the children to have you there in the middle of something like this.

    Love and hugs,

  19. Gerry, thanks for the update, I'm so glad that you are all safe. I'm praying for you and you're all in my thoughts constantly. I'm so proud of the work you have done there and I can imagine that this is very painful for you to witness. I know how much you love the people of Haiti.... please be safe... Love you, Becky

    Becky Rhyno

  20. To Gerry and the team, Karen and Lukner,
    Our hearts are heavy for you today and for the people of Haiti, but we hope in the Lord and we know that He is your strength in these moments. Gerry, you are "more than able" to lead your team through this time of uncertainty, and we have every confidence that God will equip you to do just that. Karen, it is God who lead you to Haiti and god who keeps you there. He blesses you today with safety and support. Peter is now home; overwhelmed; perplexed; events of the last couple of days occupying his thoughts. We thank the Lord that he is home. And for all of you we earnestly pray. Janice and Peter

  21. Glad you are all ok, our hearts are with you. Have a safe return and take care, corinne

  22. Uncle Gerry,

    God has given you a heart for Haiti, and knew you would be there before this even happened. He is faithful to give you the strength, support, safety, and encouragement that you need to get through each day. We are praying for you, our church is praying for you. Through so much sorrow and grief, even still God has a plan, and you are part of it. I love you.


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