Thursday, January 7, 2010

Second Full Day

Our second full day on site continued to go well. Most of the team focused on continuing construction of the apartment - the walls (external and internal) are taking shape and the layout is much clearer to everyone now. Bob and Karen drove in to St Marc to buy supplies to build a new table for the orphanage. Some of the guys worked on adapting some of the desks for the kindergarden class to better fit the children. Erin ran craft time for the kids, while Aidan continued to work with Grampie on some of the mortar work then played with the boys (JJ and Moise). Kate went back and forth to the orphanage visiting the kids. Heidi spent some time on email updates, organizing donations, and spent time with the kids and Karen. Tim and Jim worked on the computers (thankfully we received an upgrade for our Internet access late today, allowing the new laptops to be set up and generally making things work much better).

Here's a shot of the apartment at the end of the day - you can see the rooms taking shape and the walls rising. Tomorrow the missions team will take a day off to visit the beach while the local workers pour the various support posts/pillars and let them set.

We've been thankful for a bit of an overcast yesterday and today. That's kept us out of the full force of the sun which, combined with much more moderate temperatures than we had last year (low thirties), has made the work much more bearable.

The new tire swing was a huge hit - the kids were lining up to have turns and generally piling as many on at a time as possible:
Dieunel is very comfortable with the Blancs on the team (and especially the camera!):
Tifi is one of the special needs children at the orphanage. She often doesn't let a lot show, but was actively enjoying craft time and getting to color:
Heidi has been spending a lot of time getting to know the kids. All of them are quite used to digital cameras, and love to have their picture taken (then look at the results) and play with photography themselves:
Around lunch time everyone tends to run down a bit anyway. Colton decided he was tired enough that he struck a "Take me now, Lord" pose:

Our newest addition to the orphanage arrived late yesterday. He cried for the first while - we think it was the first time he had seen a Blanc, and look what he walked into! By this morning, though, he had already relaxed enough that he lit up when Ben went to visit him, and allowed his picture to be taken. Later he went to Karen and gave her kisses, too. A note from Ben: "This is Ben and his new grandson Judel, a foster child for Ryan and Natalie." While Judel was crying yesterday, Ben noted, "Judel is one of the lucky ones, he just doesn't know it yet."

Everyone is raving about the food. Marta and Germaine, our cooks, do a wonderful job. We've enjoyed home made pancakes for breakfast today, mac and cheese, rice with sauce, fried chicken with salad, wonderful bread, and exceptional chicken noodle soup. (So much for the Haitian diet plan we were counting on as we indulged over the holidays!) Kate has been raving about the food in general and the bread in particular - she wanted to order some from Kijiji when we got home... ;)

Karen has expressed her thankfulness that the work is going so quickly and smoothly. We're all very pleased with that. Gerry asks that everyone continue to pray for health and protection - we've had no real mishaps thankfully, but a couple of the guys have fought some minor stomach upsets and/or head colds that have slowed them down a bit.

Gerry does have a bit of a bone to pick with Dickie though (Karen's brother-in-law, who along with her sister Sandra work year-round to support the mission from Canada). Dickie obtained some new mosquito tents for the team to bring down, and Gerry was the first to use one:


  1. Hi Everyone. So enjoy seeing the pictures that you post. I have been reading the blogs and emails to the kids and they are amazed and interested to see the pictures. I miss you, Heidi, but so glad for you to have the experience and for the Orphange to benefit from your giftings. Hi to Erin from Abby.

    The Murrays

  2. Hey Guys,
    So great to see that things are progressing so nicely. Again, and I will likely say it everytime I long on, wish I were there.
    Ti Ben - you look great holding that little one.
    Keep up the good work and God bless you all.

  3. Gerry,now I know why the "mosquito tents" were so cheap.

  4. Hi Gramp, I love you! Daddy went fishing today, Mommy's having fun, we are going to school. Cohen is acting liking a monkey today and Maggie is running too. Hugs and Kisses Hailey xoxoxo
    It was great to see the pictures, we would love for you to bring Judel home with you! You are all in our prayers!! Love you lots Gramp, the Roberts Crew

  5. Hi everyone, Glad to her that everything is going so well. Really enjoy seeing the pictures and reading the blog. Hope you have a great day at the beach. Praying for you all. Love you Brian, Patricia

  6. Gerry, we can have a lot of fun with that picture! Be prepared! Peter, you look zapped, and it's only the second day! I hope you were just taking a break...:-) The work looks great. Amazing what you can do in just two days. You must have really wanted to go to the beach to do so much so soon! Blessings on a new day! Praying for you at home. Janice, Allan and Amelia

  7. Hi Everyone,
    Your update is the highlight of my day. I walk, eat, work, but am not sweating with you all day long wishing I was there but am able to feel as close as possible by reading your blog. Keep up the good work, Tim. Everyone, enjoy your day at the beach and I hope no one has to get out and walk around mud holes on the way.
    Love to all

  8. Hello gang good seeing the photos ,keep them coming

  9. Hi all
    Its great to see that Heidi actually made it there with you guys!!
    Kate, Aiden and Erin are clearly a blessing to the children of the orphanage. The Brazil Mission team cannot wait for you to get back and share your stories with us. Take care and keep safe.

    Mosher/Godin clan

  10. Hi All,

    Looks like things are taking shape. Hopefully all will go well.

    A special hello to Ben, looks like you are off and running. Sleeping in a tent hey (moans and groans I know what that is all about after last summer and my tenting adventure), hang in there the moans and groans will decrease. We miss you here at the office :.

    Janet Westhaver

  11. Hey you guys !:) Sam and I really enjoyed the photos and reading about how things are going so far!!! Sam wants to know you are talking to each other, what language the children speak there.
    We hope you have a great beach day and a peaceful night!!! Tell the kids how proud I am of them !!! Sam also wants to know what the plane ride was like for the kids. Sam wants to tell Papa, "Hi and I miss you"
    Hannah and Sam

  12. Patricia, Tracey, Weldon, Baby Dolls and Boys.
    Had a good day at the beach, Now we get to work each day until we come home. Thank you for your comments, Hailey and Noah. It's always so good to hear from all of you. Ask Heather to give Aunt Avis a hug for me. Love you all.
    Brian, Dad, Gramp.

  13. Hi Sam- Glad to that you were so brave and that the surgery went well! Aidan says that he is having a good time building big walls. Today we went to the beach. Soon we will start putting on the roof. See you later SAM!

    we are pushjng to get a lot done we get
    tired but we like the input.
    The input keeps us going thanks.
    from BOBBY C


  16. Hi Peter - is that you? looking pooped in the picture? Was it all the hard work? Those bricks are going up fast. Enjoy every minute. Love You. Velda and Marianne.

  17. hi,yarmouth team enjoyed seeing the pictures and the progress.hope you all have a good time.hi colton this is your dad ,were proud of you and the good work your doing.hope you all had a good day at the beach.brian hows the arms?were praying for you all.joey&tracey colquhoun


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