Sunday, January 17, 2010

Heading for Port Au Prince

We just heard that our Tuesday flight is cancelled. So we have decided, as a team, to go to the Embassy tomorrow morning for evacuation. We leave at 5 am, should be there by 9. Once we are there, we have no idea when we'll be evacuated, but hopefully within two days. We are not sure where we will be evacuated to, so we may have to work out travel arrangements at that time. Keep us all in your prayers. It has been a very interesting two weeks to say the least. God bless you all.


  1. Prayers have been said and will continued to be said for a safe journey and a quick return to Canada. You all have been through so much and it is so incredible to still hear how you have placed your mission and the needs of others over your own. Bless all of you! May God be with you. Take care of yourselves and may God give you the strength you need return home.
    ~Jeanette, Malcolm and Abby

  2. We will be praying!! Aunt Marilyn and Aunt Carol called tonight they send lots of love and prayers! Uncle Milt too of coarse!!!
    We love you Brian, Grampy and Dad be safe and come home soon!!!
    Lots of Love, hugs and kisses,
    Weldon, Tracey, Hannah, Noah, Hailey & Cohen

  3. Be safe tomorrow, you have hundreds if not thousands of people holding you up in prayers... we will all be so glad when you are home. love you all.

    Becky Rhyno

  4. I know that God will keep you safe tomorrow, no matter what comes along. Brian I am so very proud of you and I love you. I pray that you will be home soon. Glad to here that Serlande is better. Love to you all. Patricia

  5. Praying for you all. God be with you into the Embassy and from there out. Gerry, if you are flying in to Montreal and need me to meet you at the airport I can come with our van with seating for six besides myself. Take care. Blessings. Jim, Ruth Anne and kids

  6. Hi Guys, Be careful tomorrow,Stick together,and take good care of my Grandkids.We will be praying for you all and for Karen as well as she goes back to almost an empty house.God Bless you all for what you did for Karen and the kids.See you all soon.Love Heather

  7. Praying hard for each and everyone of you - hope you can get on a flight soon. Going to the Embassy is definitely a good plan. Be safe, stay safe.

  8. Praying that you all come home soon and safe.

    Love to Oncle Leonard.

    Audrey, Jim and Jimmie

  9. My prayers are and will be centered on you and haiti until we see you safe at home and the will continue to be said for haiti and her people God bless and keep safe love ya ..Howard

  10. Will be praying for all of you until we see you again in Yarmouth.
    Brian, Indri'd called from Vanderbilt U. and send her pray to you and the team.
    Robert, our group missed you, couldn't wait to have you back with us.
    Liana ( Cerliana ) H.


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