Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today has been a time of reflection and finishing small projects. As team leader, I have been watching each team member as they go about their daily work and play time here at the compound. I have no doubt that God has placed us all together here at this time and in this place. I am so proud of how each person has been reacting to all the different situations. From the earthquake and the aftershocks, (which continued for the next three days) to all the minor inconveniences which everyone has had to endure. Everyone here has been calm and focussed, even during the stressful moments. I have no idea what each person is really feeling. But from what I witnessed, and heard, I have to say that I am so proud to be with these people at this time- each and every one of them. I really think that that they are proud to be here representing so many people and churches in Canada. All believe that they were meant to be here and I think so too. The laughter and jokes that are taking place here continually may not be what you are expecting from us, but we have a wonderful CRAZY CRAZY group of people. I do think that it is your prayers that has given us the strength to carry on each day. Thank you so much from all of us.

Tomorrow we will be having church. We will be spending time fellowshipping with the Haitians, praising God and hearing His Word. There will also be a time of quiet when we reflect on what has taken place in all of our lives this past week and how it has changed us forever. No one can be part of something of this magnitude and not be changed in some way and be a little closer to God.

Tomorrow in your churches, I know that you will be having a time of prayer for us, Karen, the children and the staff of HATS-Haiti. We covet those prayers. Please pray for the people of Haiti. We have heard of so many reports firsthand from people who have lost family and friends. They come to the compound - sometimes crying, sometimes with just a look of shock on their faces-  showing no emotion at all. Today a man came. He had just gone to Port Au Prince to pick up his 37 year old dead brother. He is also missing a 25 year old brother and believes him to be dead also. At home, his house has fallen down and he has no place for himself and his family. We gave him a tarp for shelter, some money and 20 pre-packaged meals that he can cook over the next week or two to feed his family. It really feels like so little when he has lost so much.

Finally, you are no doubt are as confused as we are about when the team is leaving. As the last blog stated, we thought we had a chance to leave today. But when we realized the amount of time needed in order to make the flight and all that we would need to accomplish, we realized it was not possible. So the plan is this: Monday morning at 5 am we leave the compound and go to the airport. There I will leave the team, and if it is necessary, I will go to report to the Embassy. I will tell them that we are at the airport, waiting for the Tuesday flight (which at this date is still on.)

Pray for us on our trip out of the country. God Bless you all, Gerry


  1. Praying for the safe return of you all.

    Becky Rhyno

  2. Thank you for the updates & photos. God is amazing to be able to minister to us here through this tragedy. I pray expecting a safe return for all of the team members.
    Nancy G

  3. Wayne & I have been praying for you all and for Haiti. As many of you feel, it is a second home for Wayne. We are doing all we can to help the people who have nothing left.
    God Bless! See you soon!
    Wayne & Vickie LeBlanc

  4. we sometimes think that we control direction or our plans. This week has proved that our only control is when we surrender to God. Thank you all for listening and being there for Karen and the kids. Still paying for you all. Ed Rose

  5. Gerry, you are to be congratulated! You are an awesome team leader *and we speak from experience*, you have a heart for the Haitian people and show the love of Jesus to all you meet. Your team is crazy, well most of them anyway and if anyone left home serious...they no longer are after spending 2 weeks together. We have lived this trip through the blogs...Tim you are to be congratulated for an awesome job.
    Brian (un) I don't miss being the brunt of all your jokes but I do wish I had been there with Jim (he is crazy too and he was before he left home).
    God Bless you all and all our churches in Yarmouth will be praying for you tomorrow and the people of Haiti.
    Give Karen lots of hugs for me PLEASE...she is an awesome lady who I love and admire sooooo much.

  6. Job well done to the whole crew. Your work and interaction with the children and adults of Haiti will have lasting benefits to everyone. Your presence during the earthquake was no accident but in God's plan. Stay safe and be careful on your trip to PaP. Paypal has taken in $2,000.00 the first day. Tell Karen she will not get any more emails about Paypal, I think I got it where I want it. Take Care, Dickie

  7. Praying for your safe return..WE love you brian b
    love your girls

  8. Patricia, Tracey, Weldon, Baby Dolls,znd Boys
    Good morning, This could be our last day here at the compound and will drag to some degree. It will be a good day to spend with the kids before we go. Talk to you soon. Love you BIG TIME! Brian Dad Gramp.

  9. So glad to hear you will all soon be back , Sounds like you definitely had a great bunch there to get through this tragedy . Feels like we should be doing more here than the usual work/home routine. praying for your safe flight home .Pam


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