Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good News re: Donations!

We've finally been able to set ourselves up to accept online donations via PayPal.  Anyone interested in donating to support HATS-Haiti and our work (especially damage repair and local relief ministries in the current situation) can now donate online via the following link:
HATS-Haiti PayPal Donations


  1. Hi Jim, I sent an email to you but am not sure that you received it. Can you please post all blog postings to both sites (original blog as well)? Mom's original blog goes directly onto facebook which gives a lot more coverage for those who want to help. I have not been able to repost the paypal account information to the original blog site. After the team leaves, this blog site will no longer be active so I think we need to get posting on both sites until you go back to Canada. Please! Liette

  2. Hi Gerry
    Glad to hear that you and the team are OK
    I have been watching CNN and can hardly beleive what has happened
    Let me know if you receive this
    Stay safe and God Bless


  3. Hi Gerry,
    I can't get you guys off my mind.Your faith is so strong and an example to us all.I am so proud you are my brother.Praying for you and the whole teamand the Haitian people. It is all so horrific.
    Keep safe,love you .

  4. Thank God you have Paypal . Now it will be easier to donate for a lot of people . I'm glad you guys have a plan . Will the kids be able to go back to school Monday ?Is Karen going to be O.K ? Of course she will ! She's been through more in one lifetime than any of us will ever see .Love you Karen and all you guys . We'll be glad to see you when you get home .

  5. Hi everyone, It sounds like you will be able to come home as planned. Tell Karen that we are all praying for her and the kids and that God will take special care of her, and all of the team. I am so very glad that you were all there for her. Please keep safe and may God be with you. Love you Brian Patricia


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