Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day Of Rest

It was another 40 plus day as we enjoyed fellowship with our Haitian brothers and sisters in both Creole and English. We enjoyed hearing them sing for us and they applauded politely when we sang for them. Pastor Peter delivered the sermon with Luckner translating into Creole. The message was about the importance of having the Word, peace and the Holy Spirit hidden in your heart at all times. He also talked about the spiritual battles that need to be fought on the mission field, especially in Haiti where vodoo is commonly practiced. We have noticed as we try to sleep that the voodoo drums sometimes go on for hours.

As many rested in the early afternoon heat, a young man named Yvody visited the mission to meet the Newell family. When Heidi began working last year she felt that she wanted her tithes to go towards medical equipment for those that have orthopedic needs in Haiti. She felt blessed because where she lived she had all the advantages that are not available to the average Haitian. Yvody lost a lot of the use of his legs because of a fever he contracted when he was 13.  He needed new crutches and we were able to purchase them for him. He was proud to show us he could take a few steps now without the crutches as he regains some strength in his legs.

Each year the team takes a group photo with the orphanage kids. We kept on our Sunday go to meeting clothes even though by now it was about 40 degrees and we were melting.

Here's a candid of Leonard and Bob with Tifi, Aidan, and Dieunel:

Late in the afternoon we met to celebrate Josie's 4th birthday with singing, juice, cookies and gifts. It was cute when Leica piped up to announce that tomorrow was her birthday ;-}

After the celebration we enjoyed an afternoon stroll along the canal. There was a refreshing breeze as we walked. Some of the little ones found the trip a little long but found a comfortable spot for the return trip. Dieunel fell asleep on Colton's head.

School opens tomorrow after Christmas break and as a new term begins the desks are prepared for the returning students. All 220 students share two bathrooms as shown below.

Aidan has been taking many photographs hoping to contribute to the blog. Here is an example of his work.

As another day ends we prepare ouselves for a chorus of snores and other associated noises that have been described as so loud that even the roosters are complaining. A methane cloud sometimes forms that has prompted a no open flame policy.


  1. hi,yarmouth team we have looked forward to seeing more pictures and hearing what your day was like.colton that is a nice picture of you and that little boy on your shoulders.have a good day tomorrow.god bless you all. joey&tracey

  2. ps no chia pets today.

  3. Still following the blog daily and praying for you all. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    Love to all,
    - Russell and Janet

  4. Hay there Team
    really proude of the work and all the love your doing for these people, wish I could be there with you. Bro Bobby we are so proud of what you are doing. Like I told you before you went; You are an angel. Love you and stay safe.


  5. May God continue to keep the team safe. It is good to see Peter doing the sermon there, it would have been interesting to have had it Skyped into the church for our morning service. We learned in Mexico that if you water the ground for 24 hours ahead of time, it digs a lot easier. Get those shovels ready for ground mixing cement for the roof, and don't forget those 5 gallon buckets and lots of man power and a good ladder to get it to the roof. May God bless you as you bless Him over the remainder of the time. Remember He can out give any of us.
    God bless and give you peace amidst the vodoo drums. Greater is He that is in you than he who is in the world. His hedge will hold!!
    God bless
    Larry and Shirley

  6. HI there,
    Tell Aidan he did a great job on his photo, maybe we will get to see more.
    Dieunal looks like he sleeps like Mosie...with his eyes open! It really seemed strange to me at first when Moise would fall asleep and his eyes were still open.
    Hope today isn't too hot and you accomplish great things. It will be great to see all the kids come back to school.
    Love to everyone.

  7. Hello everyone, hope the temp is better today for you. Love the picture of little Dieunel on Coltons head! We miss you Colton and we are very proud of you! Love Mom

  8. Hi Tim, Heidi, Katie, Aidan and Erin:

    Have been reading along with your trip and am glad that things are going so well.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your time in Haiti.

    Love Lisa

  9. Today is the first day that it rained. Dad,Jim and Grampy started building a security booth.


  10. Hi Colton, missing you and so relieved everyone is safe. We are all thinking of you. Love that picture with Dieunal on your head. Sue P (part of your rcom family)


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